The portal is the webpage of SimSoft software where you can find all related programs developed by Mare Septimiu Fabian. As a stand-alone developer I sign my programs not just with my name, but also with the name SimSoft, as my programs are easier to be discovered.

          SimSoft stands for quality, professional, reliable and healthy software that you can thrust and use in you're everyday computer activity. You can try out one of the programs available in the download section to make a first impression on the available software.

          After a long time, this site is back online and is comes now with an attractive new graphic interface and it is also translated fully into english, on the request of my customers (until now it was in romanian). For the ease of updating I choose to program it fully into PHP. Also, for an easier communication and support for my customers I introduced a forum where you can discuss everything you want related to my software, website and many more. You can also read the newest development state, or read important things related to my activity in the news section. For an easier overview you can find a short description of the latest news in the latest news section (on the left of this page) or my current activity summary (on the right of this page).

          If you like my software and you have an idea of a new software I could create you can either share it with me (if I like the idea, maybe i'll implement it and create that software program) you can always contact me. For any other problems, questions, recommendations (and so on) you can contact me on one of the email addressees given in the contact page.

Mare Septimiu Fabian


Nexim - I am implementing the newest cryptography standars (RSA, DES, SHA) for the internal security of the steganographic certificate carrier.

Added 16 january 2009 - 01:00

Steganographic Certificate - I have started building the core modules for my newest project, a steganographic-based certification system, called Nexim. Nexim is a product that I hope to finish until Q4 2009.

Added 23 december 2008 - 10:20

Did you like the old Desktop XP? Did you want a major update? Did you think i abandoned this project? You're wrong, because i reloaded this program with a new skin, name and many new features. Desktop XP is now MICRODESK, it's still free, hot and ready to be downloaded from the download section.

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